Before applying for the program please make sure your address is found within the boundaries of the Upper District.


Service Area Map

Upper District covers approximately 144 square miles and includes all or parts of 18 cities and portions of unincorporated Los Angeles County with more than 950,000 residents. Upper District partners with many public and private entities to provide a sustainable, high quality water supply to residents and businesses within the greater San Gabriel Valley.

Upper District’s boundaries do not follow or match the boundaries of cities within its service area.  Some cities within Upper District are entirely inside or within Upper District’s service area.  For example, Baldwin Park and El Monte are two cities whose city limits are within the Upper District.  This means that residents or addresses of these two cities would be eligible for Upper District programs based on geographic location.

Other cities in the San Gabriel Valley only have portions of the city within Upper District’s service area.  For example, the City of Covina, which is located on the east side of the San Gabriel Valley, will have portions of the city within Upper District and other portions of the city outside of the Upper District.  This means that not all residents or addresses of the City of Covina are eligible to participate in Upper District’s programs. EcoTech shall check address and water bill submitted with each application to determine eligibility based on geographic location.


Any address in one of these cities is definitely within the boundaries of the Upper District.


Baldwin Park
El Monte

San Gabriel
South El Monte
South San Gabriel
South Pasadena
Temple City


Any address in these cities needs to be looked up to verify it is located within the Upper District boundaries. 


Hacienda Heights
La Puente
West Covina


Please click here to read all the terms related to this plant voucher program

If your address is located in the boundaries of the Upper District, please review the FAQs.


EcoTech Services administers the Plant Voucher Program on behalf of Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District. Please contact EcoTech if you have any questions regarding participation guidelines, application process, voucher status, or any other general Program questions


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