High-Efficiency Toilet Distribution

We have extensive experience implementing high-efficiency toilet distribution programs on behalf of water agencies.  This includes hosting special event days where agency customers can pick up a new toilet as well as managing "toilet-direct" type programs where new toilets are delivered to customers' homes.

Our turn-key project management includes the following services:

  • Development of marketing materials, such as postcards, flyers, and newspaper ads

  • Procurement of all program materials, including purchasing

  • Customer service with toll free number

  • Communication hub between water agency representatives, site staff, and community-based organizations (CBO)

  • Collaboration with local CBO

  • Registration Forms

  • All event logistics for distribution of new toilets and recycling of old toilets

  • Program reporting

  • One-year product warranty – all inquiries may be directed to EcoTech

The Upper District has worked with EcoTech Services on a number of HET distribution programs over the years. Time after time, EcoTech Services has consistently provided exemplary services and superior results. Their professionalism and willingness to be flexible with meeting client requirements has definitely impressed our staff.
— Elena Layugan, Conservation Coordinator (Upper San Gabriel Municipal Water District)