Sanitary Retrofits

The easiest type of water conservation is that which doesn’t deal with changing the user’s everyday behavior.  That type of conservation can be achieved when you retrofit high-water-using sanitary fixtures with new high-efficiency models.  As an example, an old toilet flushed twenty times per day could be using 150 gallons.  A new high-efficiency toilet, flushed the same number of times, will use 16 gallons per day.  That represents a 90% savings!  High-efficiency sanitary fixtures use less water and yet also provide a superior performance.

EcoTech offers site surveys in order to analyze the amount of water savings available to a site.  Based on our survey findings, EcoTech will then retrofit the following fixtures if applicable:

  • Flush valve toilets
  • Tank toilets
  • Urinals
  • Faucets and aerators
  • Shower heads

Many local water purveyors or agencies provide financial rebates for the retrofit of sanitary fixtures.  In addition to water savings, superior performance, and possible rebates, another benefit of replacing high-water-using fixtures could be reduced costs for wastewater discharge (sewer fees).  This applies to sites that pay sewer fees based on how much water is used onsite (not flat rates).

Please contact us if you are interested in having a representative visit your site and provide an analysis of your current fixtures, water use and savings potential.  Our representative can also provide a cost estimate for replacing the fixtures that will provide the best return on investment.

EcoTech is not a licensed plumbing contractor.  We will connect you with a recommended licensed plumbing contractor to take care of your retrofits once a site survey has been completed.