High-Efficiency Toilet Program


+ What type of toilet does this program provide?

The Ultra-High-Efficiency toilet provided is a Niagara Stealth Round Bowl. Click here to see the specs.

+ What is a "rough-in?"

A rough-in is the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. By acquiring the correct rough-in measurement you will be able to make sure that the new toilet will fit in the space you have. Do not include any molding in your measurement. See diagram here.

+ What is a banjo counter / obstruction above a toilet?

A banjo countertop is a counter that sits inches above a toilet tank. Other obstructions can include vanity counters, ADA railing or built-in shelf spacing. In order to ensure that your new toilet will fit properly it is important to measure the spacing between the floor and the bottom of the obstruction. See diagram here.

+ How do I dispose of my old toilet(s)?

The program does not inlcude disposal of your old toilets. To dispose of your old toilet, please contact your local waste department to schedule a large item pickup.

+ How many days do I have to install the new toilet(s)?

The new toilets must be installed at your address serviced by Liberty Utilities within thirty (30) days from receipt date.

+ Who will contact me for the installation inspection?

A representative from Liberty Utilities will call you to schedule an inspection before coming to your home.

+ Do you have ADA compliant toilets available?

Yes, ADA compliant toilets are available upon request.