Landscape Design

Besides being a responsible water consumer, a landscape should also enhance the aesthetics and usefulness of a property.  A beautiful landscape can increase a property’s value by 20% or more.  Unfortunately, many landscape projects ignore the value of the design phase in favor of lowering initial costs and timelines.  Many contractors offer "cookie-cutter" landscape designs that are quick to implement but do not take into account very important site factors such as soil type, shade, or existing trees that can have a major impact on the longterm success and health of a landscape.

A good designer considers such site factors, as well as construction limitations, the importance of proper plant selection and the resulting maintenance requirements. Our designers work from a "living landscape" perspective and analyze the following elements, at a minimum:

  • Landscape uses and customer needs
  • Garden style to match architecture
  • Construction budget
  • Environmental impacts, such as water use, use of chemicals and green waste
  • Garden maintenance needs
  • Ten and twenty year turnaround
  • Proper water distribution system

EcoTech has in-house landscape designers available and we also work closely with three independent designers who specialize in various design styles.  Please contact us to find out more about our landscape design services or view our gallery to see some of our past work.