Landscape Construction

Maximize your outdoor area by designing and constructing a landscape that fits your needs to get the most out of your property.  EcoTech Services can help you achieve your vision of a perfect landscape while designing it for sustainability.  Our construction projects are completely site specific, as opposed to modular type landscape styles.  Unfortunately, many other contractors simply scrape away turf and replace it with gravel and a few plants solely for the sake of reducing irrigation use.  We take great care to construct a healthy, "living landscape."

benefits of a living landscape

  • Captures and holds water on site, which benefits our aquifers
  • Provides habitat for pollinators
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide
  • Reduces heat island effect
  • Aesthetics

Our technicians have many years of experience constructing landscape and permeable hardscape and take pride in being experts on new technologies and trends in the landscape industry.  EcoTech is a licensed landscape contractor that provides the following construction services:

  • Site prep and grading
  • Planting
  • Irrigation systems (sprinkler and drip)
  • Permeable hardscape (walkways, patios, planters, etc.)
  • Landscape lighting
  • Gazebos, decorative fencing, and many other services

EcoTech Services can also provide the drawings, plans and specifications necessary for all construction projects.  Our professional representatives will ensure that every project task is completed on schedule and in accordance with all local codes.  Please contact us for more information or visit the gallery to view our past landscape construction projects.