Irrigation Retrofits

Save water and money by making your irrigation system more efficient. Most landscapes can reduce water consumption by 25% or more by improving the condition of the irrigation system. Help the environment and help your bottom line – retrofit to a better system today.

EcoTech has vast experience working with irrigation systems in the residential and commercial sector. Our technicians will conduct an inspection of your current irrigation system to identify opportunities for improvement. We will list the irrigation problems found on each irrigation station and identify the potential for upgrades, including:

  • Smart and weather-based irrigation controllers
  • High-efficiency sprinkler nozzles
  • Pressure regulators
  • Fix broken sprinklers and irrigation lines
  • Retrofit to drip irrigation systems
  • Sub-meter installation to measure irrigation water use

EcoTech is a licensed landscape contractor.  Our crew can conduct all necessary irrigation retrofits in order to convert water waste into usable and beneficial irrigation water. Do more with less.